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CUSTOM HARVESTING AIDS to Increase Productivity

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Field Pack Harvesting Aids

Field Pack Harvesting Aid Romaine Field Pack Harvesting Equipment Stainless Steel Field Pack Harvesting Equipment
Custom Stainless Steel Field Pack Harvesting Equipment  

Product Details

Reduce the high cost of a packing shed... take it to the field. Ramsay Highlander will custom design a Field Pack Harvesting Aid to meet your specific requirements. In the field, workers can place the product onto the conveyor where it will be conveyed through an optional wash tank or spray chamber. From there the product is conveyed to the packers where it is packed by size and weight. The product is then side loaded to a transport trailer. What you end up with is a very clean product with no muddy cartons, and most importantly a product with less to no bruising. Ramsay field pack machines have been known to decrease cull rates, increase pack out rates and optimize product quality.

Field Crops

Broccoli, Squash, Romaine, Wrap lettuce, Cauliflower, Strawberries, Cabbage, Cantalope, Watermelon


  • Buncher Box Station
  • Bag Sealer Station
  • Spray Chamber
  • Night Harvest Lights
  • Mild Steel
  • Canopy
  • Transport Dolly
  • 5th Wheel
  • Slide Axle (align to row)
  • Stainless Steel


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